Thankfully Rare, Dermal Fillers Can Cause Serious Injuries


The FDA is warning that dermal fillers can cause serious injuries if inadvertently injected into blood vessels in the face, although these cases are rare.

Also referred to as soft tissue fillers, injectable facial implants, or wrinkle fillers, dermal fillers are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or to augment lips or cheeks.

The unintentional injection of these soft tissue fillers into blood vessels in the face could cause vision impairment, blindness, stroke, and damage and/or necrosis of the skin and underlying facial structures, according to the FDA. While intentional injections may occur anywhere in the face, the FDA review found the following sites to have a higher incidence of blood vessel blockages: the skin between the eyebrows and nose, in and around the nose, the forehead, and around the eyes.

The agency states that soft tissue fillers should be injected only by health care providers who have appropriate training and experience and who are knowledgeable about the anatomy at and around the injection site. The agency has also provided several recommendations to health care providers.



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