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Flossing, Yes! Flossing Using Your Hair, No.

How do you remove food stuck between your teeth? Dental floss? Great. Folded paper or strands of hair? Not the best idea.


No More Fillings for Your Cavities? New Options Show Promise

Tooth decay, which can lead to cavities, is the most common dental disease worldwide. The traditional treatment for cavities has been fillings. However, fillings are not an ideal solution, as they often need to be replaced once or more during a person's lifetime.


Do You Have a "Successful Smile"?

What do people think about your smile? Would they describe it as "effective," "genuine," and "pleasant"?​


Teeth are a Window to Our Ancestry

Did you know that your teeth can provide information about your whole-body health? This insight has allowed scientists to discover much about early human health history. A study published in the journal Current Anthropology describes how scientists have discovered a way to examine ancient human teeth for signs of vitamin D deficiency. It's fascinating look back into the past, as these studies have provided surprising information.


PTSD Linked to Oral and Facial Pain

Nearly 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), representing a significant portion of the population. Researchers from the University of São Paulo recently found that PTSD can increase the potential for oral pain, facial pain, and problems with the biomechanics of chewing.


Jaw Pain? Tick It Off the List

With experts reporting an increase in some tick-borne diseases, don't be surprised when your dentist asks about your history of tick bites if you mention face or jaw pain.


Are You Eating Your Way to Tooth Loss?

Have you lost one or more teeth? Then it may be helpful to have a discussion with an implant dentist about the types of food you eat.


Chewing sugar-free Gum Could Save Over $4 Billion in Dental Visits

While you may not save $4.1 billion yourself, you might save a significant amount of money by using sugar-free gum to help prevent tooth decay.


How Menopause May Be Affecting Your Dental Health – and a Possible Solution

Along with the list of symptoms already associated with menopause, a study published in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine found that estrogen deficiency may be a cause of dental health problems. The researchers concluded that bone loss, weak and brittle teeth, and diseases associated with the areas surrounding teeth can be indicators that a hormone problem may be present.


Your Dentist Might Be the First to Notice Your High Blood Pressure

Everyone knows regular visits to the dentist are important. But they may be even more beneficial than you thought. Why? Because you might have hypertension without realizing it. Often referred to as high blood pressure, hypertension often has no significant signs or symptoms, yet it can cause serious health problems.

Results: 75 Articles found.
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