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Diabetes Not a Problem for Dental Implant Usage

Have you held off on dental implants because you have uncontrolled diabetes? According to a recent study, dental implants were found to be safe for patients with uncontrolled diabetes.


Thankfully Rare, Dermal Fillers Can Cause Serious Injuries

The FDA is warning that dermal fillers can cause serious injuries if inadvertently injected into blood vessels in the face, although these cases are rare.


Missing Teeth? Dentures May Not Be The Answer

Not everyone who is missing teeth needs dentures, according to a quality of life study of more than 2,700 people.


Dental Implants Rated Higher than Dentures and False Teeth

Women with osteoporosis found higher qualities of life with dental implants than other options such as dentures and false teeth, according to recent research. The study focused on satisfaction with the work, health, emotional and sexual aspects of the women's lives.


Depression and Anxiety Related to Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth doesn't just affect your looks, ability to chew, and other physical characteristics. It may also affect your mental health.


Why Replace Missing Teeth? - video

Replacing missing teeth is much more than just having a pretty smile. Watch this video to learn more.​


Unusual treatment for sensitive teeth

Scientists have reported on an unusual way to prevent tooth sensitivity using a substance from a surprising source


Want to win a bet?

Here's an interesting piece of history that just might win you a bet. What kind of doctor was "Doc" Holliday of wild west fame?


Cheese and cavities

Eating cheese and other dairy products may protect your teeth against cavities.


Dental Implants and children

Implants can even be an option for adolescents after puberty when the jaw stops growing, typically around 16 for girls and 18 for boys. It is important to talk to a dental implant specialist now, however, in preparation for the implant. You can fine one near you at /find-an-implant-dentist/

Results: 75 Articles found.
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