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Which is Better for Your Oral Health: Vaping or Smoking?

If you want to protect your oral heath, should you: A) Vape B) Smoke The answer is “None of the above."


Dental Phobia Increases Likelihood of Cavities and Missing Teeth

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Ironically, this may increase your need to visit the dentist.


Your Gum Disease May Be Linked to Your Stroke Risk

Red, swollen gums may not seem important. But they may signal a greater risk for something that could change your life dramatically: a stroke.


Hormone Therapy: Better Bones, Better Sex Drive … and Better Teeth?

Estrogen therapy has already been credited with helping women manage difficulties with menopause. These include the reduction of hot flashes, improved heart health and bone density, and maintaining levels of sexual satisfaction.


Fast Food Can Be Worse for Your Health Than You Thought

Fast food being bad for your waistline is hardly news. The fact that fast food can also be bad for your oral health might surprise some people. Three examples of the negative effects of fast food on your oral health were cited by Russell Roderick, DMD recently in Dentistry Today.


Are Bleeding Gums Linked to Premature Babies?

Are you at risk for delivering a premature baby? Your gums might provide part of the answer. The relationship between the the oral health of the mother and the health of a baby has been shown in several studies.


Are Low Testosterone and Gum Infection Linked?

There is a debate in the medical community as to whether there is an association between low testosterone and chronic periodontitis, a serious infection of the gums.


Crooked Teeth Tied to Balance and Posture

Could fixing the alignment of your teeth lead to better balance and posture?


Tooth Loss Associated with Decline in Functional Capacity

A recent study among older adults in Japan found that tooth loss is associated with future decline in higher-level functional capacity.


Improving Your Diet Can Improve Your Oral Health

A recent study found that diet can have a profound effect on oral health. Specifically, a diet low in carbohydrates, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, rich in vitamins C and D, and rich in fibers can significantly reduce gingival and periodontal inflammation.

Results: 75 Articles found.
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