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Enter your zip code below to find a proven, experienced implant dentist you can trust: an AAID credentialed implant dentist. Their AAID credential gives you peace of mind that the implant dentist has proven education, experience and competence in implant dentistry.

A practice may consist of more than one dentist, so when contacting the office you should always ask, "Is the dentist AAID credentialed?" Ask the dentist, too. Your quality of care and peace of mind depend on it. 

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The AAID cannot make specific recommendations or warranties relative to any individual dentist's skill, care and judgment, and would suggest that a consumer seeking implant dental treatment consider both a dentist's credentials in implant dentistry and ask the dentist any questions regarding implant treatment.




Find a dental implant dentist right now.

You can trust an AAID credentialed implant dentist to give you the beautiful smile you deserve!

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