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Could Wearing Dentures Negatively Impact Your Life?


A recent study found that dentures have a significant downside. Approximately one in three denture wearers stated that wearing dentures limits their ability to live life to the fullest.

Dentures wearers cited several negative aspects of dentures in their personal life. These included the effect of dentures in their love life, in the way they kiss, and in being fearful of kissing someone passionately.

The use of dentures also has negative professional aspects. In fact, nearly 40% of those surveyed indicated that wearing dentures has affected their career. Examples include being intimidated by the idea of networking with other professionals, and in lacking confidence in meetings. Nearly one in four denture wearers surveyed have avoided going on job interviews because of their dentures.

Perhaps as a result of these negative aspects, nearly two in three denture wearers have kept their dentures a secret from someone. Examples of those "in the dark" were friends, siblings (10%), or their spouse.

The study, "Biting into Denture Care," was commissioned by GSK Consumer Healthcare, and conducted by the independent research firm, Survata.





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