Chewing sugar-free Gum Could Save Over $4 Billion in Dental Visits


While you may not save $4.1 billion yourself, you might save a significant amount of money by using sugar-free gum to help prevent tooth decay.

Today, nearly all adults experience tooth decay, as do most children. The cost of treatment adds up, and it is estimated that 60% of dental healthcare costs are associated with tooth decay.

Sugar-free gum may help. When you chew gum, it increases saliva flow in your mouth. In turn, this saliva is able to remove harmful acids from the mouth, thereby protecting enamel from cavities.

This by itself isn’t new news. The oral healthcare benefits of chewing sugar-free gum have been recognized by many regulatory bodies, national governments, and national dental associations. However, a study by the Institute of Empirical Health Economics (IEHE) is the first to quantify the large scale economic impact.

IEHE calculates that if consumers of sugar-free gum chewed just one more piece of gum per day, $4.1 billion could be saved from dental visits relating to tooth decay. This amounts to $2.09 billion in the United States alone. Notably, this does not include benefits for those who are not currently using sugar-free gum.

The study’s lead author suggests that chewing sugar-free gum as a preventive measure for tooth decay has the potential to deliver significant dental care cost savings worldwide.  If you have previously lost teeth, be sure to see an AAID credentialed dental implant expert about replacing those lost teeth. Doing so will give you a healthier, more beautiful smile. 



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