Brush Your Way to Savings?


Would you connect your toothbrush to the Internet to save 40% off a root canal?

That's part of the concept behind the StarCard, Beam app, and Beam Brush. The system rewards you when you brush and interact with their app.

While brushing is the cornerstone of the program, the data is the driver for the program creator, Beam Technologies. The company founder told Advertising Age, "We're actually not interested in toothbrushes at all. We're interested in health data."

The data can be used by Beam technologies, and perhaps in the future, by the dentists who are part of the Careington network, with whom Beam has partnered.  There no plans to sell the data immediately.

Careington will receive part of the $99 annual fee that is paid by people that sign up for the app and brush. Dentists will not receive compensation from Beam or Careington - their reward will be new patients.



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