Are Bleeding Gums Linked to Premature Babies?


Are you at risk for delivering a premature baby? Your gums might provide part of the answer.  

The relationship between the the oral health of the mother and the health of a baby has been shown in several studies. The relationship extends to premature birth, low birth weight, or a combination of the two. Poor oral health in this case is periodontitis, which includes symptoms such as bleeding of the gums, retraction of the gums, loose teeth, bad breath, or in severe cases, tooth loss.

If you are pregnant, you are more susceptible to inflammation and may display an increase of bleeding gums. In women suffering from poor oral health before their pregnancy, it appears that pregnancy could make the symptoms even worse.

A recent study reported in theInternational Dental Journal provides further evidence that periodontal disease is a risk indicator for pregnancy risks. The study included 443 pregnant women and found significant links between pregnancy outcomes such as prematurity and birth weight and the oral health of the mother.

Bottom line: let your dentist know if you are planning to become pregnant, and continue to follow your dentist’s recommendations for good oral health during your pregnancy. Your baby will appreciate it.



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