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The Real Cost of Dentures

How much do dentures cost? Dentures are a significant investment, with a lifetime cost that could amount to thousands of dollars. However, it could be argued that the "real cost" of dentures is much greater. Consider the following and then talk to a dentist who specializes in tooth replacement near you:

There is a "Social Cost" to Dentures

Compared to natural teeth, dentures can cause awkward and embarrassing social moments. For example, dentures can slip at just the wrong time, such as when you are laughing, eating, kissing, or even talking.

There is a "Convenience Cost" with Dentures

Dentures cannot be cleaned like your natural teeth. Instead, dentures must be removed from your mouth and rinsed; your mouth cleaned; your dentures brushed; your dentures soaked overnight; and finally your dentures must be rinsed before placing them back in your mouth. And of course, you should handle your dentures carefully so you don't drop or damage them during the cleaning process.

There is a "Health Cost" with Dentures

Your mouth and jaw were made for teeth, and expect teeth to remain in place. When one or more teeth are missing, the jawbone begins to lose bone. This can weaken the jawbone, and cause the shape of your face to change.  Wearing dentures is no substitute for missing teeth in that regard because they aren't part of your jaw, they merely parallel it. This is an important consideration, so be sure to talk to a dentist who specializes in tooth replacement near you.

The “Higher Value Alternative”

If you don't want to pay the "real cost" of dentures - the social, hassle, and health costs - there is an option to consider: dental implants. In terms of pure financial costs, dental implants are cost competitive with dentures over the long term, making them an excellent value. When it comes to the other costs – social, hassle, and health – dental implants can be far superior to dentures.

For example, dental implants can't slip like dentures.  Instead, dental implants become part of your facial structure, providing a strong, secure connection.

Additionally, dental implants don't require as much work as dentures. Dental implants can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth, rather than removed from your mouth every night for cleaning and soaking.

Finally, replacing your missing teeth with dental implants can help to keep your facial structure and good looks. Like natural teeth, dental implants are in direct contact with the jawbone, stimulating it, thus avoiding the loss of bone mass that can alter your appearance.

Are you ready for the “higher value alternative,” dental implants? Dental implants represent some of the latest dental technology, so it is important that you choose a dental implant expert. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) offers a searchable directory of credentialed implant dentists. These dental implant experts have achieved important educational, training, and competency standards, giving you peace of mind.





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