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How Much Are Dentures?

How much do dentures cost?  The average cost of dentures varies broadly and can range into the thousands of dollars. However, that is not the "full" cost of dentures - that is just the "first" cost of dentures. 
When you see the price for dentures, that is "today's" cost of dentures. However, ask a credentialed dentist and you'll learn the full cost of dentures can be much higher because:
  1. 1) Denture prices don't include the cost of replacing your dentures.  Dentures often need to be replaced, so the cost that is quoted is the cost today. You will likely spend more on dentures in the years to come.  In comparison, dental implants tend to last much longer.
  2. Denture prices don't include the time and hassle of cleaning them.  Unlike your normal teeth or dental implants, dentures need to be removed from your mouth for soaking and brushing.  Dental implants are brushed like your natural teeth.
  3. Denture prices don't include the health costs to your jawbone.  Without a tooth or implant, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate due to a lack of use, which can cause a change in your facial appearance.  Dental implants don't have that problem because they stimulate the jawbone.
  4. Denture prices don't include the social embarrassment cost.  Dentures can slick or click when chewing, laughing or talking.  Dental implants are firmly part of your mouth, and they look and act like normal teeth.
How much are dentures?  Dentures cost much more than just "today's" price. The cost of dentures - both financial and emotional - will add up for years to come.  That's why dental implants are such a cost-effective option for replacing your teeth.  Find an AAID credentialed implant dentist near you, and ask them to help you find the best tooth replacement option at the best cost.


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