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Dental Implant Pricing - What You Need to Know

Dental implant pricing can be confusing, so here is everything you need to know about the price of dental implants. 

Q. Is dental implant pricing expensive?

A. Dental implant pricing in total can actually be less than other tooth replacement options. That is especially true if you use a dental implant dentist who has the proper education and training because dental implants can last for years and years. Many other ways to replace your teeth may seem like they have lower pricing, but they need to be maintained or replaced continually, and that cost really adds up.

Q. Is dental implant pricing worth the cost?

A. Dental implant pricing is a bargain considering that other tooth replacement options like dentures can cause your teeth to slip or click as you eat, talk, or laugh. Dental implants don't have those problems because they act and feel like your normal teeth. Of course, dental implants also give you the most natural, beautiful smile because they are customized for you. Ask a dental implant dentist near you for before-and-after photos of dental implants. They are amazing!

Q. What is the price of a dental implant?

If you truly want the lowest possible cost in a high quality dental implant, the answer is that it depends on your mouth. Dental implants are customized for your unique teeth and mouth.  If you want to pay list price, many dentists will be happy to offer a price that covers the worst case scenario, but then you may be paying more than you need. Then there is the opposite situation in which the super low price being advertised doesn't cover everything you need, or might be of a different quality. We can't overstate the importance of having a qualified, experienced dental implant dentist examine your mouth and give you a quote before you commit to the procedure. Make sure you contact an AAID Credentialed implant dentist. It will help you sleep better at night because you will get an opinion from someone who had proven educational and skill levels.

Q. Can I trust cheap dental implant pricing? 

You might see ads with very low pricing for dental implants. You might think they are too good to be true ... and you know what they say about something that sounds too good to be true. Do yourself a favor that will help you sleep better at night: Get an opinion from an AAID Credentialed Implant Dentist near you who has proven levels of dental implant experience. Remember: implants can last for many years, so it is critical that they be done correctly. You don't want to live with a mistake for years to come, especially when it is front and center in your mouth.

Q. Will dental insurance cover my dental implants?

A. While you will love dental implants because of how they look and feel, an increasing number of insurance companies have started providing some coverage for dental implants because they realize the unique health benefits of dental implants. If yours doesn’t, ask if they will give you an allowance towards implants equal to the cost of a bridge or traditional dentures. You should definitely also ask your implant dentist about financing and payment options, as they know how much people want tooth replacement options that look natural and don't slip or click, so they will do everything they can do help you get dental implants.

Q. Is there anything else I need to know about dental implants for replacing my teeth?

In addition to the long term cost advantages of dental implants, there are many other reasons you will love your new dental implants. Learn about all of the benefits of dental implants.


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