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If broken and shattered bones could be successfully replaced and repaired with artificial implants, why not teeth? That was the thinking that led to the development of dental implants as a better alternative to dentures by some of the founders of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), the first professional organization in the world dedicated to the advancement of implant dentistry.  

Established in 1951, the AAID is steadfastly dedicated to top quality patient care and to research, education and excellence in implant dentistry. The more than 4,500 members of the Academy include general dentists, specialists, individual practitioners and members who are part of a team.

The AAID offers a credentialing program to signify professionals who have demonstrated competence in implant dentistry. The AAID's Associate Fellow and Fellow credentials – stringent requirements that must be earned through education, training and examination – are recognized by numerous state boards

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