Red Wine: Good for Health But Not Oral Health?


People have heard about the possible health benefits of red wine, but should be concerned about the effect of alcohol on their oral health. Alcoholic drinks such as red wine can leave a mark on your teeth, according to Dentistry Today.

Moreover, alcoholic drinks that contain carbonation, such as sparkling wines, can have an even greater impact on your oral health.

The reason alcoholic drinks are troublesome is related to their acidity. Acidic beverages can hurt enamel, which in turn can leave the teeth vulnerable to harm by bacteria.

Notably, alcoholic drinks are not the only ones that can harm your teeth. Other drinks such as acidic fruit punches can also have harmful effects.

While not a complete solution, drinking water between acidic beverages can help to reduce the acidity in the mouth, and this may offer some protection for the enamel. Thorough brushing is also important, provided you wait at least 30 minutes after consuming an acidic drink or meal before brushing, giving time for the acid to dissipate. This avoids pushing the acid deeper into the enamel.



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