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How much do dental implants cost?

No two patients or their customized dental implant treatments are exactly alike, so if you use an experienced, qualified dental implant dentist the number of appointments, procedures and cost will vary up or down accordingly. After an initial examination and assessment, your dental implant expert should provide you with a treatment plan including the estimated number of appointments and cost, and then notify you if there are any changes during the process.

Happily, a dental-implant restored tooth usually lasts longer but costs no more than other treatments to restore a tooth if you use a dental implant dentist who has the proper education and training.

For example, dental implants are usually less expensive than a bridge over the long term because a bridge over natural teeth typically has to be replaced more often.  Other options such as traditional bridges and dentures, also can fall short of dental implants in overall patient satisfaction.  Imagine having your teeth slip or click as you talk, laugh or eat. You don't have to worry about that with dental implants.  And dental implants gives you the most natural, beautiful smile.

Aside from the long term cost advantages of dental implants, there are many other benefits. Learn about all of the benefits of dental implants.

What about insurance for dental implants? Recognizing the long-term patient benefits over other treatment options, an increasing number of insurance companies have started providing some coverage. If yours doesn’t, ask if they will give you an allowance towards implants equal to the cost of a bridge or traditional dentures. Also ask your implant dentist about financing and payment options.

Because your teeth affect everything from your smile and confidence, to your ability to eat, speak and participate in the activities you enjoy, and because there is no better option to restore missing teeth, dental implants are worth a discussion with an experienced, proven implant dentist.


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