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Dental Implant Cost: What Should You Expect?

The cost of a dental implant for your tooth can range broadly according to a study by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID).
Why is this? Dental implant costs vary because the dental implant process is highly personalized. Unlike many other tooth replacement options, dental implants are highly customized to look, feel and act like your natural teeth. Moreover, implants themselves are sophisticated dental technology. That's why the American Academy of Implant Dentistry believes that the best way to get an estimate of dental implants costs is from a credentialed dental implant expert who has directly examined your mouth and existing teeth.
While the cost of dental implants can't easily be guessed, one point is clear: the long-lasting nature of dental implants can make them an excellent value. In fact, dental implants can be cost effective compared to many other tooth replacement options.
This cost effectiveness of dental implants is not the only reason dental implants are the choice of so many people, however.  Here are 4 of the most popular reasons people choose dental implants instead of other tooth replacement options such as dentures:
1) Dental implants won't embarrass you.
Dental implants give you complete confidence that you can eat without being self conscious because they function similar to your natural teeth. In contrast, non-implant tooth replacement options such as dentures may make eating difficult, and they may reduce your ability to taste foods fully.
Even worse, because dentures are not affixed to your jawbone, they could slip or click while you laugh, cough or kiss. In contrast, a tooth implant gives you peace of mind because it won't slip. Tooth implants, or dental implants, become part of your jaw structure, making it easy for you to enjoy the company of others without fear of embarrassment.
2) Dental implants will give you a natural-looking smile.
Can you tell when someone is wearing dentures? Perhaps their gums don't look quite right. Or perhaps the dentures don't seem to fit the natural shape of their mouth.
Dental implants give you the most natural look and smile of all tooth replacement options. That is because they are inserted by dental implant experts in a way that fits your unique mouth structure. As a result, they look more like your own teeth than other replacement options.
Even better, dental implants feel like your natural teeth. Unlike many other replacements for missing teeth, dental implants have a shape and sensation similar to the rest of your teeth, with no extra wings or bridges. That's a great reason to show off your beautiful, natural-looking smile!
3) Dental implants can help you stay heathy.
Dentures and other non-implant tooth replacement options may also feel less natural to your body, and it may react to the loss of your tooth. Specifically, you may begin to lose bone in your jaw, leading to long term changes in your jawline and looks. Dental implants are superior tooth replacement options in this regard, because they are embedded directly into your jawbone. This provides your body with the stimulation it expects, so the body responds by continuing to keep your jawbone – and your looks – robust and healthy.
Dentures can also trap food particles between your gums and the dentures themselves. This can lead to the growth of bacteria, which in turn can contribute to gum disease and bad breath. Dental implants, on the other hand, act much more like your natural teeth.
4) Dental implants are convenient.
Once you have replaced your missing teeth, you want to get back to life. Dental implants help you do so, as they are durable, and may even last a lifetime. In contrast, dentures may need to be replaced more frequently. Over time, dentures can also become worse fitting due to changes in your facial structure as you age and lose bone in your jaw.
Of course, one of the most unpleasant tasks associated with dentures is cleaning: dentures require removal every night. In comparison, dental implants can be flossed and brushed just like your natural teeth.
Dental implant can be very cost effective versus other tooth replacement options. But there are many other great reasons for choosing dental implants, including peace of mind in social situations, robust health, and convenience.
Keep in mind that due to the sophisticated science of dental implants, it is important that you choose a dental implant expert. AAID offers a searchable directory of credentialed implant dentists.  These dental implant experts have met key educational, training, and competency standards that will help them give you a great implant experience.


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